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How to take care of your horse's back ?

The saddle is an important equipment for riding. It connects the rider and his horse. The quality of communication between these team members will depend on this tool. You have to do the necessary interviews and make the best choice.

Saddle maintenance

For the use of this material to be sustainable, you must perform regular maintenance. Indeed, she will be in touch with you and your horse. Sweat and others are present on your equipment after each use. Cleaning should be done if your saddle is leather or synthetic. However, the process will be different depending on the material that composes it. For all types, you must first remove the dust with a sponge or cloth. The product used will be different depending on the model during washing. For the synthetic, a soap or cleaning product will be suitable for a cooking in a glycerine soap will be the best choice. For the saddle to cook, it is necessary to remove the dust daily. But, the deep cleaning will be done once a month. It will also need to tidy up your saddle. The place must be dry with an ambient temperature. In case you have multiple saddles, avoid stacking them. You take the risk of distorting them.

The adapted saddle

The choice of saddle is also important for your horse to be comfortable. It will depend on its morphology. Indeed, differents models of cwd used saddles are according to the form. The decision will also depend on the practiced discipline. The characteristics of the saddle will allow you to perform well during the competition. If you practice this activity as a hobby, the type of saddle will also vary. A bad choice of saddle in the long term can cause sequels for your horse, more precisely his back. It can be deformed as and when used. Your weight and size must be taken into account for this purchase. You must also enjoy comfort. If you are not relaxed due to your equipment, your horse will feel it immediately. All of its criteria must be evaluated to ensure your safety and a good time.