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Mineral Premixes : Designed to provide livestock

A fervent farmer always wants to keep his animals in good health and in the best forms to be able to guarantee the quality of his cattle to industrialists. For this, he uses several techniques both in terms of breeding and nutrition. Nowadays, several methods have been developed to ensure a correct diet for livestock.

Food supplement

To overcome the lack of minerals in food for livestock nutrition, industry thought to design premixes of minerals. The concept is simple, instead of buying one by one the essential elements to ensure the good health of animals, the premixes combine in their compositions all the necessary minerals. You can take a look at mineral premix which is famous among farmers. Premixes are then in the image of multivitamins designed for humans. They are very practical because they constitute the food supplement useful to the good development of your cattle. In addition to this, you can very well use it with the food that you give regularly to animals. In short, it is a recommended element for you to have a good production.

Benefits provided

In general, the minerals contained in premixes stimulate the metabolic system of each type of livestock. Thus, for cattle breeds such as dairy cows, premixes maintain the health of the herd, improve reproduction and, moreover, ensure maximum production. In the case of pigs, they increase the range and improve the weight of the pigs at birth. For horses, they reduce anemia and relieve joint pain. In addition, they relieve muscle stiffness by direct access to the blood vessels. In the case of poultry, they allow to have meat with better tastes. In addition, they ensure the increase of the fat content. Finally, in the case of sheep and goats, they prevent diseases and increase milk production. In addition to that, they increase the fertility rate. In short, premixes are important nutrients for healthy, full-fledged livestock.


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