Difference between a dressage saddle and an obstacle saddle ?

In riding, the saddles are leather objects that are put on the back of a horse to ensure a good balance of the rider with his stallion. There are various types of stools depending on the discipline like a fine used saddle. Apart from mixed saddles, which are suitable for all riding branches, equestrian centers must be provided with other types such as the dressage saddle or that used for obstacle courses. How can these types of stools be differentiated?

General structure of a saddle

In order to be able to differentiate between any type of saddle, it is necessary to know how it is structured at the base. Thus, the saddle is formed mainly of the seat or tree. Commonly made of wood, it is responsible for the stability of the assembler. It is covered by a leather padding and the core is made of straps. The trapezoidal quarters are placed on the mattress for the fixity of the legs. Finally, it is the cleats that allow these legs to be held fixed even when the rider is in suspension and in abrupt movements during the races.

Dressage or obstacle saddle: making the difference

If a rider wants to have the chance to gain more expertise in the world of riding, he will need the antares saddles specific to each stage of his advancement. It all begins with dressage. To recognize the correct saddle, refer to the size of the quarters. Generally long, they allow the legs to go down better. And for more stability and contact, its hollow seat is very indispensable for riding dressage. The front cleats are very pronounced to ensure the maintenance of the leg and in order to maintain balance on the horse, under the quarters are a low strapping to limit their extra thickness. On the contrary, the obstacle saddles have the particularity of having semi-hollow or flat seats and being equipped with shorter quarters to release more the movement of the rider. These are the front and rear cleats that allow the rider to have fixed legs even in suspension. In conclusion a training saddle ensures more balance and while the saddle of obstacle offers more freedom of movement.

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